Communication Essay

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One of the most important aspects of every position of the dental team is to have excellent communication skills. Interacting with people is a key part of oral health care between professionals, within the team, with the public and especially with our patients. If you are searching to build trust and good collaborative working relationships, it is essential to have good communication skills in the workplace. Communication embraces many different components in the workplace. Communication is the method to share information with colleagues, is part of team building, customer service, conflict management and every interaction that takes place that involves some form of communication. The goal of all communication is to develop a common understanding in verbal, non-verbal, written, and electronic communication what was said and the message that comes across is the same to all parties involved. Verbal communication is generally defined as spoken language. There are three examples of verbal communication, spoken, non-spoken, and written. When people speak face-to-face, or over the phone, it is considered verbal communication. As long as words are being spoken and a message is being communicated, face to face or not, speaking qualifies as verbal communication. Another verbal communication is also non-spoken. A person doesn’t have to speak words for a communication to be considered verbal, for example, laughing, crying, groans, or grunts is considered verbal communication. And the third verbal communication that is used is written communication. Written communication is a form of verbal communication because words are involved. “Effective verbal communication begins by acknowledging what the audience needs. By planning what he wants to say, how he wants to say it and seeking feedback on how the message was received, a business professional ensures successful
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