Communication Essay

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COMMUNICATION AND NURSING Communication has always been at the heart of the nursing practice. Good communication skills have been found vital in establishing therapeutic relationship between patients and nurses. However, in recent years, nurses’ poor communication skills have been highlighted through complaints raised by patients and relatives. This is the reason why developing effective communication skill is now at the heart of the nursing training (Waters and Whyte, 2012). The National and Midwifery Council (NMC) has made communication as one of the essential skills nursing students must acquire to progress through their training to gain qualification (Webb, 2011). This essay will discuss three communication skills gained during placement. First, a definition of communication will be given and a discussion of its importance in nursing. This essay will then attempt to demonstrate how tone or pitch of voice, attentive listening and empathy affects the nurse-patient relationship. Eye contact, facial expression and body language will be discussed as a demonstration of attentive listening and empathy rather than discussing them as separate skills. These verbal and non- verbal skills has been chosen to demonstrate how they can make communication effective or ineffective. An action plan to demonstrate learning and a conclusion will be provided at the end of the essay together with the appendix of the formative feedback. What is Communication? Communication has many definitions, but is mostly defined as a transfer of information between a sender and a receiver. To Webb (2011), communication occurs whenever a person transmits a message and someone else picks it up and interprets it. In nursing, communication amongst nurses, doctors and patients is more than just passing on health related information. There is the emphasis on ensuring that this is made
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