Communication Essay

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Communication Tiqueisha Young CJA 304 January 11, 2013 Professor Brian Geoghegan Communication is essential in everyday life in which helps us to understand the world around us. Without the use of communication, it would be difficult to understand one another and to live. In order to have knowledge of and completely comprehend what communication is, it is very important to look at the different concepts that make up communication. Within this paper I will discuss the process of verbal and nonverbal communication while describing the associated components of each. In order to be an effective communicator, one must be able to know the difference between listening and hearing. Furthermore, formal and informal channels of communication within the criminal justice organizations will be examined, along with different barriers to effective communication. Finally, strategies that may be implemented to overcome communication barriers in the criminal justice organization will be explored. All of these components are necessary to learn, understand, and to be able to communicate effectively in the criminal justice organization. In order to understand the different aspects of communication one must know what communication is. According to Wallace and Roberson (2009), communication is defined as “a process involving several steps, among two or more persons for the primary purpose of exchanging information.” There are two kinds of communication, verbal and non-verbal. Verbal communication is divided into oral and written communication. Oral communication can either be face-to-face or a conversation over the phone or on a voice chats over the internet. Oral communication is vital in the criminal justice system. When arresting someone officers advise their suspects of their Miranda rights (Wallace & Roberson, 2009). When using oral communication feedback is
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