Communication Essay

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1. Terms of Reference Page 3 2. Procedures Page 4 3. Findings Page 5-7 4. Conclusions Page 8 1. Terms of Reference On the 7th of December 2011, communication lecturer, requested a report be typed on experience of James Watt college. The report was to be submitted by the 18th of January 2012 when it will be presented to the lecturer. This will include the application process, introduction process, student funding, college facilities, course content, teaching and learning as well as progression. 2. Procedures In order to gather the required information the following procedures were adopted: • Personal experience was used to compile this report • Discussions with fellow students were held 3. Findings 3.1 Application process The application process to James Watt college is a simple process which students can apply online or visit the college for open days to gather information on courses which the student can later apply for with a online application form or at the college. Once the student has submitted the form, the college will offer the student either a conditional or unconditional place on the course depending if the student meets the criteria. The student then receives a letter from the college giving a date and time for an interview with some of the lecturing staff for a formal discussion about the course. 3.2 Induction process The induction process involves the student meeting the lectures and to ask any further questions about the course and what is required before they are given an enrolment form. The new students are then shown around the college and are given a timetable for the first block. After the students have been shown around the lecturer will get the class to do an ice breaker which includes students talking about themselves and reasons they have come to college. 3.3 Student funding Students are given
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