Communication Essay

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Communication Paper By Jessica Montgomery October 15th, 2012 HCS/490 Makala Pollard Communication is a big part in the health care world for marketing with consumers and health care providers. This is a daily activity that occurs for information to be shared, discussed, reviewed, interrupted, diagnosed, and ways to help a person with any medical needs for attention or treatment. There are a variety of different communication modalities that are available that is used by consumers and health care providers. These modalities consist of e-mails, web-based forums, and electronic medical records. Within this paper the modality that will be focused on is e-mail communication. Benefits for the patient will be discussed, the value and importance of maintaining patient confidentiality, why these are effective means of communication between consumers and providers, how these communication modalities differ from the other forms of communication, and how media and social networking changes communication within health care. Patients have many benefits when their health care provider is available through communication based on e-mails. This helps the patient be able to send information about questions regarding current health conditions, symptoms, prescription questions, and any other medical question for the provider. The provider can also send useful facts, web links, and other information for the patient to review on medical concerns without making a trip to the office. With technology evolving, this has made a difference and has become an enormous element of patient-provider relationships (Yellowlees & Nafiz, 2010). Health care providers and nurses can become very busy during the work hours and sometimes are not available to return phone calls to patients. However, many providers
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