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What is Communication? C ommunication is a cosmic phenomenon. It exists not only among human beings but also among plants, trees, birds and animals. But communication among the non humans is static and far less diversified whereas human beings are blessed with variegated channels of communication. Human beings can communicate through the use of different languages other than the mother tongue. In case of any difficulty, they make use of gestures, facial expressions and body language. Still other times, humans have the power to communicate through silence. Since man is a social animal, therefore communication is his basic need which is expressed right at the time when a new born child utters his first cry. The word communication originates from the word Communication, which means common. So communication is an act by which a person shares knowledge, feelings, ideas and information etc. with others. Sociologists, educationists and psychologists have defined communication in various ways and according to the disciplines to which they belong. A few definitions are as below: 1.According to Leagens, Communication is the process by which two or more people exchange ideas, facts, feelings or impressions in ways that each gains a common understanding of the message. In essence, it is the act of getting a sender and a receiver tuned together for a particular message or series of messages. 2.Warren Weaver thinks of communication as all the procedures by which one mind can affect another. 3.Communication is the mutual interchange of ideas by any effective means, says Hoffman. 4.Communication is the process of effecting an interchange of understanding between two or more people, is the opinion of Karl Joseph. 5.Communication is a purposeful process which involves sources, messages channels and receivers, opines Robert Qoyer. 6.In Hoveland's terminology, communication is

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