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Communication Case Studies In scenario number one Rashad uses assertive communication when he describes his role in the care of patients. Robin’s response to him is aggressive when she tells him that his job is to do what he is told. Rashad resorts to passive-aggressive behavior when he decides that from now on he will only do what he is told. This scenario would have been more positive if it had gone as follows: Rashad attended the team meeting with all the rest. When the topic of role clarification for assistive personnel came up; he said “I see my role as anticipating the needs of the patients for toileting and personal hygienic care. Would you agree with that Robin?” Robin, one of the staff RNs in the psychiatric care group stated, “Thank you for your input Rashad, I do agree with you. Your observations will make it much easier for me to make those assessments.” Rashad replied, “Just let me know what you want me to do and I will contribute my share to make our job easier.” In the second scenario Pamela is nonassertive by not confronting Brigite with her concern related to her testing technique. Effective communication between these two should have gone as follows: Pamela, one of the school nurses in a rural county, was following up on some vision and hearing testing done by one of the volunteers, Brigite. She was concerned about the accuracy of the work because of the way these readings compared to previous readings. The next day Pamela approaches Brigite and says “Brigite, I am going to shadow you today to observe your techniques so I can become more familiar with everyone’s workflows.” After Pamela observes her perform two hearing tests she notices what she is doing incorrectly. Pamela says “I notice that when you insert the speculum it does not fit into the ear properly. If you insert it like
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