Communication Essay

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Communication is a big part of what makes us who we are. It affects us in any relationships that we have since, a very young age. Communication is needed with our parents, siblings, family, friends, parenting, co workers, and love relationships. The biggest thing in common with all of these examples is that it requires the right amount of effective communication to keep these relationships stable and healthy. In this paper, we will speak about the processes of verbal and non verbal communication, barriers to communication, and also strategies that can be used to implement these communication barriers. A document published by the U.S. Navy states that communicating is essentially a mental maze to be mastered. To improve it we must become more aware of the proper paths to take and the dead ends to avoid. Poor communications is a waste of everyone’s time and energy and, in reality, there is no excuse for it. According to the Navy document, barriers to effective communication can exist only in an atmosphere of apathy and, with common sense, can usually be dealt with successfully, ( Wallace & Roberson, 2009). Oral communication skills are necessary to have functioning conversation with others. In criminal justice, these oral skills are vital to have as an officer, in order to understand and transmit statements that were made by citizens, suspects and superiors. On a daily basis we work with people and have to have some form of communication with them. The level of communication depends on how close and what kind of relationship is maintained with the other person(s). Verbal communication consists of; sending clear and concise messages, and listening and understanding cleary what it is that someone is sending out to us. The three components that this form of communication involves are; verbal messages- the words that are chosen, Para verbal- how the words are
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