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Personal and Professional Healthcare Communication Paper Communication is the process in which people affect one another through the exchange of information, ideal, and feelings.( ). It is essential for human interaction and essential in the professional healthcare setting. It is important to learn and become competent in good communication skills in order to help in the developing and maintaining effective relationships within the circle of professional practice among co-workers and nursing interaction with patients as well as their families. Having good communication skills can help in resolving conflicts, prevent poor health outcomes when rendering nursing care. Nurses interact with many people in the course of the profession. Competency in good communication skills helps nurses to communicate professionally and develop therapeutic communication skills with patients and families. This allows to have an open and trusting relationships with patients. Communication is the primary way to help establish those helping-healing relationships. Nurses communicates with others in a manner that expresses awareness and respect for patients and co-workers as individuals, acknowledging and considering their specific needs. The ability to have an interpersonal communication consist of being able to relate with others to develop and interpersonal relationships with healthcare professionals as well as patients. The nurse as a professional must take the initiative in establishing and attempt to maintain a healthy interpersonal communication. The nurse needs to be herself in an authentic way and respond appropriately to the other person. To develop good interpersonal communication skill, it requires the nurse to learn how to develop a sense of mutually and believe that the nurse-patient relationship is a partnership and that both are equal participants in the

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