Communication Essay

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As i have worked through the chapters in this book many things have stood out to me and changed the way i approach a communicating situation. These things made me realize that i have many things to work on in my communication relationships. Three specific areas in this class have made an impact on how i approach these various communication situations. The first is the method of perception checking. Perception checking is a strategy of better handling your interpretations. The process has a very simple three steps. You must first process the behavior or what was said, then come up with two possible interpretations, next you get clarification on how to interpret what was just conveyed to you. This process has saved me many times when i have been talking to one of my roommates and did not understand them. I simply asked for clarification about what they said before i communicated back to them. The second skill that i have learned in this class is understanding non-verbal communication better. When i am having a conversation i use many different non-verbal communication cues. Knowing more about the effect of these non-verbal cues has helped me realize how when I am communicating these messages can be distracting and cause problems with the person i am communicating with. The third concept that has helped me be a more fluent communicator is controlling the communication climate. The communication climate is also called the emotional tone of a relationship. The climate of the relationship can affect the way you feel and communicate with your partner. This can take the relationship to a cold bitter break-up or can lead to the happiest of couples. Knowing how to control these emotional climates makes the difference in arguments and when you are in the dog house. Over these ten weeks of this communication course i have learned many communication styles and communication
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