Communication Essay

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This assignment will aim to define communication and describe the communication process, it will do this by looking at the basic model of communication, stages in the two way communication process. It will then go on to give examples of some of the ways in which people communicate, such as verbal, non-verbal and electronic communication. Whilst also discussing the skills required in order for the communication process to be effective. As there are many different factors that can influence the effectiveness of communication, also known as barriers. It will look to identify some of these barriers and discuss ways in which they can be overcome. Oxford (2008) defines communication as “the action of communicating: a letter or message: means of sending or receiving information, such as telephone line or computers”. Communication process is made up of a series of basic components. According to Ellis et al (2003) the basic components to the communication process are made up of a sender, a message and a receiver. Ellis et al (2003) then goes on to call this one way communication also known as linear communication. Mc Cabe & Timmins (2006) states that “communication is said to occur in one direction only. The sender is responsible for not only the accuracy of the content but also the tone of the message“. Mc Cabe & Timmins (2006) then goes on to suggest that the receiver will then give feedback to the sender allowing them to assess whether the message has been interpreted correctly, and that the message will contain verbal and/or non-verbal communication. As this linear model is a simple process it does not take into consideration factors such as values, beliefs, culture, goals, role, knowledge and noise in relation to the message being received with these factors influencing the way the message may be interpreted. Mc Cabe & Timmins (2003) states “the linear
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