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Chapters 16 & 19 “Representing cultural knowledge in interpersonal and mass media contexts,” is the main idea behind these two chapters. Each chapter is different than the other but they both are talking about the same point. One is taking about the reason why we sing and understanding traditional African American worship. The other is about Native American culture and communication through humor. Both of these chapters were about culture knowledge and how we can’t accept other cultures because we think our way is the right way. They both used to be obstacles that stand in front of us and stop us from getting what we want. Now these problems are still affecting our lives. When we go to our church and get use to the programs and then one day we go to a different church, we feel that we cant handle staying there anymore. We always think that they are wrong even though they are the same thing but in a different culture. Not every Christian has to worship God the same way. For example, I’m a Coptic orthodox Christian so on Sunday I always go to my church in the morning but I also go to a Presbyterian church in the evening. They both are totally different but because I got used to it, I started to accept it. Also it started talking about time and humor. There are a lot of cultures that follow the time perfectly where as there are other countries that don’t follow the time at all. Sadly I think my country Egypt doesn’t go with the time. When you take an appointment with someone you always go late and it will be like a whole hour. If that happened here or with someone that lives here, I would of said that there are no respect at all. We call this Egyptian
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