Communicating for Distance Education Essay

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Priscilla Marquez GEN/105 Doctor Karen Williams 16 September 2012 Communicating for Distance Education Written tone is important because even if when you are talking to someone face-to-face, depending on who you are speaking with, how you word and phrase things should be something you always keep in mind. When you are communicating with family, whether it is through and email, text message, instant messages, or letters, you tend to be more relaxed about how you say or word things to them. There’s no reason for you to be formal at all, so you wouldn’t need to check your grammar or spelling and you can use abbreviations as much as you like, as long as the person you are talking to understands what you are trying to say. However, when communicating with another person for any academic or professional reason, it is important to always sound professional and not casual. Make sure that you always check your spelling and grammar; use capitalized letters where needed only, and reread what you wrote to make sure that it sounds appropriate for your audience. I don’t think that there’s ever a time when a one-size-fits-all message is appropriate. You should always communicate what you write about in a certain way according to who your audience is. You cannot write in the same tone or matter to a family or friend the way you would write to a teacher or boss. If you were communicating with a classmate online, there are different forums for you to communicate to each other in different ways. When you are in the main forum, where you mainly respond to the discussion questions and give feedback to your classmates, it is important to always watch how your word things, to check your spelling and grammar and never abbreviate words. Keep in mind that it is still being graded and needs to be written in academic tone. Although when you are in the chat room,

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