Communicable Diseases Essay

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Communicable Diseases May 19, 2011 HCS/457 - Public and Community Health Instructor – Monica Vargas Communicable diseases are diseases that you can "catch" from someone or something else. They are sometimes referred to as contagious or infectious diseases. There are many communicable diseases out there; a few are the common cold, hepatitis, e-coli, and all sexually transmitted diseases (STD). STD’s are infectious diseases that one can obtain by participating in sexually actives; STDs are common and can be very serious health issues. A few of the more common STD’s are Chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis, and HIV/AIDS. STD information is available through many Junior High and High Schools as well as doctors’ offices, community health departments, hospitals, and of course online through websites such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). According to a report on the CDC website “The prevention and control of STDs are based on the following five major strategies: ➢ Education and counseling of persons at risk on ways to avoid STDs through changes in sexual behaviors and use of recommended prevention services; ➢ Identification of asymptomatically infected persons and of symptomatic persons unlikely to seek diagnostic and treatment services; ➢ Effective diagnosis, treatment, and counseling of infected persons; ➢ Evaluation, treatment, and counseling of sex partners of persons who are infected with an STD; and ➢ Pre-exposure vaccination of persons at risk for vaccine-preventable STDs” (Workowski, MD & Berman, MD 2010, p. 4). STDs are preventable by using condoms during sexual activities, limiting the amount of individuals that you are sexually active with, and if you are sexually active make sure you have regular check ups to ensure you are STD free,

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