Communicable Disease Essay

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Sarah Morris HCS/457 August 4th, 2012 Mr. Bryan Ellison Hepatitis C Today, all over the world people are living with Hepatitis C and it is important that these people get as much information as they can about this horrible disease that is so hard to control and cure. In the 1960’s Hepatitis C came into the scene from people that were giving blood and from drug use and nobody realized to what extent the disease would come to until the 1990’s when blood test for the HCV virus was first started and was made reliable. (Www. hepatitis Studies show that as much as 20% of patients that are infected with Hepatitis C will acquire cirrhosis of the liver, and many of them will also develop cancer of the liver. This liver the disease is also the main cause for liver transplants in the United States and in the western world. As of now there are approximately 130 to 170 million people with this horrible disease and four million of these people are from here in the United States. (Www. hepatitis Estimate from the Center of Disease Control says that there could be as much as 17,000 new cases every year. The countries that are affected the most is Egypt, Pakistan, and China. Up to 80% of people that have Hepatitis C will not have any symptoms and because of this it will easily go untreated. In ratio to the Aids virus, for every person infected with Aids there are 4 infected with Hepatitis C. (Www. hepatitis It is predicted that in the next 10 to 20 years Hepatitis C will become a major burden on our health care system. USA predictions say that cirrhosis will increase to 60%, the occurring of hepatoma will increase to 68%. They also say that hepatic decomposition will also increase to 279%, and transplants will increase to 528%. The rate of death from liver failure will increase to 223%. (Www. hepatitis There are

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