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On the Commonwealth Essay

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  • on March 24, 2008
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On the Commonwealth – Cicero
I never cared about history or books, so obviously I felt the same about On the Commonwealth. Reading this book has been a very long and never ending experience. The idea of telling how the government of ancient Rome was practiced and founded doesn’t grab my attention. Everything that I read was coming from one man, Cicero. Forcing to listen to his thoughts, feelings, opinions, and everything that he has to say, made the book feel like a really long lecture.
A whole book about the government of ancient Rome seemed to be a book that I would never touch. And it is. Even just trying to understand what he was saying was very difficult. “The only Roman discussions of the state which have survived from antiquity are from the pen of Cicero.” This quote was one of the easiest quotes for me to break down and understand.
I believe that this book was tough because of the lost in translation. Translating a language that most likely isn’t around anymore to a more common and well understood dialect can somewhat change what the original meaning is, and morph it from a simple phrase to a long statement. Because of this, the writing would end up having me think of different ideas that weren’t relevant to what Cicero was really meaning to tell. I would keep reading the same excerpts over and over, and each time I would think that he was trying to tell me something else. This also made me think that Cicero must have been a genius with the ways he made me think in different ways each time he would say something.
“His career is the highest employment of excellence; it is the criterion by which by which the good and wise are judged; it is the nearest approach to divinity of which man is capable” (46). I do give credit to Cicero for making such a dramatic mark in history for just his thoughts and opinions. I agree that he is a smart guy for turning a harsh subject of the government into such a liberal point of view. He created a philosophical value...

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