Commonalities Of Serial Killers

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Commonalities in Serial Killers (mainly focusing on fantasy) Kashmir McLaughlin In the past years, people known as the serial killer has captured the attention of American culture. Movies and books have been a big influene on the serial killer craze. But just because movies and books make them out to be “normal” does not mean that they are. So we can not go by what producer say a serial killer is. It cannot be denied that the serial killer kills. But killing has a few different meanings. You can wreck your car and be a killer. The FBI's defination of murder is “willful, nonnegligent, killing of one human being by another”. Serial killers and murders have completely consumed the American culture and law enforcement. Through out the paper you will here the terms serial killer and serial murderer as the same term. We have to be careful when we say serial killers because when we say that you have people like hired assassins, and mercenaries. People like this are not interesting to us in this paper. They have reasons and goals for killing that are obvious. With the people that I am talking about do not have goals that are reasonably noticable until after they are caught. These people are driven from within side them. They kill to what only appeals to them. Serial killers drive has been debated since people have started studying them, But there are a few commonalities in which they do agree upon. And the first is the sexual drive for which they murder. They might say it differently in different research but from what I understood when reading them that killers differ dramatically in what they think is either womanhood or what attracts them to the person. Just because serial killers have differences in the people that they murder does not mean that they dont act and think alike. One of the concerns of serial killers is free will. We cant say that

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