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Common Task 5 – The Help – Write an argumentative essay in response to a quotation from a text. In Kathryn Stockett’s The Help, the following line appears. “....I realized I actually had a choice in what I could believe.” Do people really have a choice in what they believe? Or is much of what we believe decided for us without our even realizing it? To what extent do our parents, peers, and environment influence our beliefs without our being aware of it? How much pressure is there for us to believe what we are told to believe and how severe are the consequences for going against commonly held beliefs? How often do people make the active decision to believe what they want to believe rather than what they are told to believe? Write a well-developed essay that defends or challenges the assertion that Stockett makes about having a choice in what we believe. Use evidence from your studies, observations, or experiences to support your argument. Make sure you have a CLEAR and SPECIFIC thesis that identifies your agreement or disagreement with the quotation’s assertion. Rubric: Making a claim: Clear and specific thesis that accurately shows understanding of the meaning of the quotation and that takes an obvious stand in agreement or disagreement (WITHOUT using words such as “I agree” or “I disagree”): ____/6 Introducing & Concluding: Introduction familiarizes reader with the concepts that will be present in essay (and contains your thesis!). Conclusion effectively sums up your argument and restates your main points in a new way: ____/6 Using support: The evidence used is appropriate to support the claim and it is compelling enough to make your reader agree with your position. Examples that are used are CONNECTED to the thesis and PROVE your argument to be true through thorough explanation: ____/12 Writing formally and

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