"Common Sense" Essay

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Thomas Paine's Common Sense is a collection of facts, reasons, and opinions on America needing to become an independent nation once and for all, free from the British. Paine addresses this to the people of America in his time; he tries to persuade them to see the good and, well, common sense in why to force themselves out of Britain's control. It is important for him to reach out to the people because their support is needed, and he must show them that they do and will have power to do in the free and independent state he wants the nation in. Thomas Paine argues for American independence on the basis that a government's purpose should be to "protect life, liberty, and property". In that he believes Great Britain has not shown that for the American colonies. He wants Americans to see that they have the right to live freely and not under British control. After they are declared free and independent, the values that Paine states in Common Sense are used as some of the bricks that the a United States are built from; molding the entire nation off of the belief that the people have the power and freedom. Common Sense would help colonists see the need to support the revolution by showing them what they have now compared to what they could have. They would be more free and have more power over their own decisions. That they would not need o pay outrageous taxes on ridiculous things. The colonists also see that there is someone willing to fight for their freedom, and most likely choose to stand with them in said
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