Common Sense and the Declaration of Independence

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Common Sense and the Declaration of Independence I think Paine had several important arguments when concerning “Common Sense and the Declaration of Independence because there was a lot of tension that was building up between Great Britain during the 1760s and 1770s. Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” was beneficial when concerning the push for the Declaration of Independence. There were several issues that led up to the colonist determining on whether or not to declare the independence from Great Britain. There were numerous taxes that were put on the colonies which they thought didn’t make any sense at all. The colonist acted numerous times to protest against the taxes. Also, there were a group of people known as the Son’s of Liberty whose purpose was to protest whenever needed no matter what it was. The Son’s of Liberty was responsible for “The Boston Tea Party”. This led to violence in the 1760s known as the “Boston Massacre” where the British Soldiers killed five colonists and shot at an angry mob. Additionally, there were battles that included American soldiers and British soldiers at Lexington Concord before the war started. These events led up to the debate that was started between Great Britain and America. Thomas Paine along with his “Common Sense: pamphlet comes from England to America in 1774. Paine was offered a job in Philadelphia by his friend Benjamin Franklin; this is where he met with delegates from the Second Continental Congress with convincing arguments concerning the case of independence for the colonist. I think Paine’s writing was so effective because of the arguments he produced such as how all mankind should be treated equally and that there should be no separation of kings or subjects. He also spoke on the evils of having a hereditary succession in a monarchal system. Paine made several great points one such as why is the king taxing the
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