Common Information Security Essay

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Common Information Security Jason Morrow CMGT/400 June11, 2012 Derek Sedlack Common Information Security The Company that I work for, Navy Exchange Services Command or NEX, is a retail company owned by the United States Navy. The NEX serves only customers with associated with the military, be they members of the armed forces or their dependants. The company’s profits go toward funding the Morale, Welfare and Recreation program for the Navy. Although the company is owned and operated by the government, it has its own separate computer system with its own share of computer security issues. Three of the issues that I will discuss are information leakage, attacks through websites, and attacks exploiting vulnerability in standard software. Threats of information leakage are mainly categorized into two categories: “information disclosure”, caused by an organization’s inadequate information management, human error, or intentional disclosure, and “information theft”, where an external attacker intentionally steals the organization’s information assets. Information leakage has been increasing its impact year after year. According to Krebs (2009) in recent years there have been cases in which employees would intentionally steal or disclose internal information and it has become a great risk to the businesses. Attacks by external attackers to steal internal information assets for financial gain are also a big threat. Impact of information leakage depends on the importance of the leaked information. For example, if it is personnel information, the incident may lead to loss of employee confidence in the company, and emotional distress. If the leaked information belongs to the customer, such as credit card numbers, the affected customers may have financial losses and the company is responsible for compensation. Additionally, customers will lose faith in the

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