Common Foot Knowledge

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Common Foot Knowledge Feet are one of the most abused parts of the human body because people do not wear the proper shoes. Wearing the improper shoe can result in blisters, sprained ankles, or a broken foot. Shoes protect your feet if worn properly. Shoes help balance, traction and ankle stability. Let us say you are on a basketball court and you have on a pair of boots. It would be harder to run and jump in these shoes. If you had the basketball shoes on the construction site, then you would have to be very cautious about crushing your feet or slipping and falling on the surfaces you will be walking on. Running shoes, walking shoes, and boots are the most common types of footwear. Running shoes usually have a cushioned sole; it absorbs some of the weight from your feet when it hits the ground. They make them to be very form fitting, so when you turn or run for long periods, they do not become loose. If the shoe does become loose then you can end up with blisters or a twisted ankle. Running shoes are light with a sticky bottom, so you can run faster and harder without slipping or getting weighed down. Running shoes have a leather or synthetic material to reduce heat from the inside of the shoe and to allow your feet to breathe. They also have a stiffer synthetic material on the inner part of the shoe to help your feet from rolling over and causing a sprain. Running shoes are great for running. Walking shoes should be very flexible. When you walk your foot twists and try to spread different ways. The walking shoe should be able to do the same. Your foot will be fighting with the shoe and make for an awkward walking experience if it is not flexible. The bottom of the shoe should be flat, to provide the most traction. The sides of the shoe must be synthetic or leather to allow air to circulate through your feet. The shoe needs to be tied snug, to provide the

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