Common Error In The Use Of Tenses Essay

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AN ANALYSIS OF COMMON ERRORS IN THE USE OF TENSES OF ENGLISH I STUDENTS AT UNIVERSITAS ADVENT INDONESIA A Term Paper Presented to Ms. Debora C Simanjuntak, M.A Bachelor of Art major in English Universitas Advent Indonesia In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Course Introduction to Linguistics By Radema Situmorang October 2011 TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Background of the Study It is the essence of fallen human nature to make mistakes. No son of Adam is perfect. Everybody is prone to commit mistakes. But although mistakes are closely associated with fallibility, there is a positive way of looking at errors. Experience is the best teacher, so they say. We learn by trial and error, we learn from our mistakes. The error is natural, however, errors made by the learners and the native speaker is different. The difference is described (Corded) States that the native speakers recognize their errors. On the order hand, learners do not always recognize their errors, thus when their attention drawn to it, they often cannot correct it, and they often commit another in trying to do. There are several factors that cause student to commit errors, errors connecting with the errors made by the language learners. In the study of English errors (Richard), point out that error are not only caused by the interference from the mother tongue, but also what he calls overgeneralization ignore of the rules restriction, incomplete application of rules, and false concepts hypothesized. These types of errors are developmental errors. By knowing and understanding the students’ errors, it is expected that teachers are able to improve their teaching skill and the instructional process. According to (Dullay), errors can be useful feedback for the teachers, in the case; teachers will measure themselves how far he gets succeed in giving

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