Common Descent vs Intelligent Design

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Common Descent vs Intelligent Design Biology A Common descent and Intelligent design are two different types of hypothesis which both have enough beliefs and evidences to provide suitable explanation of the two theories. Common Decent is better known by biologist as “the fact of evolution” this is because of its well supported scientific information. Common decent is general descriptive theory which concerns the genetic origins of living organisms. This theory suggests that one organism began evolution, meaning that all living organism which are living today have evolved from one organism over a long period of time. Intelligent design contradicts the idea of the common descents. Intelligent design suggests that many organise were created at the beginning of time by a creator (God) or a supernatural intervention. By this it means all living organism could survive automatically in its surroundings. William Paley, a scientist argued in his book that god did design life on earth but there are many people and scientist who believe that this was made up to keep the people believing in god. The scientific research information which is know doesn’t really have any strong evidence to back up either of these two theories, but there has been a lot more scientific research done on the common decent from which it has given us a broad rage of information about evolution. The theory of common descent is combined with today’s modern biological knowledge this is used to determine predictions. These predictions are then compared to the real world in order to see how they relate with each other. The worldwide scientific research community have said that there are no know hypothesis other then common decent can account for the unity, diversity and patterns of terrestrial life. But there are a small amount of scientist that belief in the intelligent design theory as Darwin
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