Common courtesy Essay

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Common Courtesy Common courtesy is using common sense to help people, do what is right, or just present good manners. Many instances come about everyday where common courtesy is needed. I believe helping people is one of the most important kinds of common courtesy. It is usually an everyday occurrence, whether it be lending a pencil to someone or helping him/her with a hard homework problem. If a person accidently dropped his/her books, and they were sprawled out across the floor common courtesy would say, “Help them pick their books up”. Listen, common courtesy makes a person nicer. These events happen a lot; next time, decide to help. To know what is right to do the conscience should be consulted. Just think whether or not guilt will come after doing what the mind has said. If a person was jogging passed and he/she dropped his/her wallet what should be done? There are three choices. Keep the wallet; go through it, and find all the money and credit cards. Just leave the wallet there. Pick up the wallet, and catch up with the person to give it back? Common courtesy would say to give the wallet back to its rightful owner. Last is the most common part of common courtesy, good manners. This can vary throughout different societies. Good manners, at a Christian family table for instance, would call for praying before eating. While good manners at a different family table would be something as little as saying “thank you” and “you’re welcome” when passing food. I believe manners are opinionative and come from how each person was raised. Somebody from an “upper class” society might say people from a “lower class” society have no common courtesy at all. When in fact they do say “thank you” and keep their elbows off the table, but they eat the “wrong way”. So, common courtesy can change throughout different societies, but it can occur every day in each society. To
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