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Commodus Childhood * Was born on the 31 of august AD 161 at Lanuvium * Commodus was one of fourteen children * He was the only one to survive childhood * He had a twin brother that died * He was made caeser at the age of five, to rule alongside his dad (AD 166) Kind of like a junior emperor. * His father was Marcus Aurelius * In AD 177, at the age of 16 he was made Augustus by Marcus Aurelius making him a joint emperor * Even though he was emperor at AD 177, everyone saw Marcus Aurelius as the true emperor * “Commodus indeed led the troops in the wars on the Danube together with his father from AD 178, until the death of Marcus Aurelius in AD 180” ( * “His father died, possibly of the plague” ( Young Commodus Commodus’s Reign * He took the throne once his father died * “By all accounts Commodus was a handsome man, with curly blonde hair. But he appeared to possess a weak character and was easily influenced by others. But so too was he prone to cruelty and excessive behaviour” * Commodus was liked by the people, but hated by the senate * “Commodus began to dress like the god Hercules, wearing lion skins and carrying a club” ( * He withdrew the roman army from the borders that Marcus Aurelius conquered. * Commodus uncovered a plot to kill him in AD 182 * There was an attempted assassination on his life, by Quintianus, that was stopped * Had his sister, Annia Lucilla executed for conspiring against him * Quintianus (the assassin) and Tarrutenius Paternus (a conspirer) were also put to death. * “Commodus took little interest in the day-to-day running of government” ( * Commodus spent most of his time entertaining his harem of 300 women

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