Commnication Barriers Essay

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M2. In communication we have many Barriers which can affect interactions between patients in a Health and Social care setting and in everyday life. To overcome these barriers we have strategies which will be listed bellow with the barrier. To overcome sensory impairments such as hearing impairment would be a quiet room so you are heard another strategy would be use of sign language such as British sign language, makaton, sign supported English and tactile signing. For visual impairment the room would have to be well lit, the person talking would have to speak clearly and loud. And for speech impairment if the person with the impairment is unable to speak they would use sign language or just simply write it down on a piece of paper. To overcome a barrier such as noise there are just a few simple strategies such as reducing the noise level. Increasing the volume of your speech or if possible moving to a quieter area within the setting. Another barrier would be first language. a person who may not speak English very well or the language used in the certain country may find it difficult to communicate for a health care professional it may be helpful to use a translating dictionary or a translator within the setting. If the patient can speak a little English it may be helpful to use simple slows and slow speech. Emotional intelligence is another barrier within the health and social care setting. If an individual doesn’t have the emotional intelligence it may be hard to express what they are trying to say or even understand the other person’s feelings. To overcome this individual may need to learn how to cope with stress first and learn about emotional intelligence. The last barrier I will talk about is Personal characteristics. this limits someone in talking due to maybe being shy or over confident. To overcome that make the person feel more secure within the
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