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Commit Essay

  • Submitted by: lizlewis
  • on February 16, 2012
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Criminological Theory
All God’s Children
January 9, 2012

      The book All God’s Children goes into great detail and gives a synopsis of each individual’s life, upbringing and behavior of the members of the Bosket family. This is important to know when one is trying to evaluate, categorize and understand this generational circle of violence. The book starts off by giving a very extensive background about the Bosket family in chronological order. This is very important to understand when trying to get a grasp of understanding them.
      The overview of the earlier history is important to grasp because it lays the groundwork to understanding the history of the family. Their troubled history starts and can date back to slavery. The history provides an in dept background in to the everyday struggle of being an American male in the United States. The feeling of not being accepted, oppressed and mistreated is a cycle that seems to continue to repeat itself in the Bosket family as well a feeling that many African Americans can agree with day.
      Many theories can be applied to each individual in the Bosket family. One that immediately sticks out after reading the book is social disorganization theory and it can be applied as a group to the Bosket family. Each boy experienced having a lack of adequate supervision and proper guidance. The generations of Bosket men started families at young ages. They were raised by there neighborhoods/streets, they took pride in the violent reputations they built for themselves. They felt the more respect that they earned the better off they would be, so they did anything necessary to defend their reputation and Bosket name. They suffered from extreme poverty so positive bonds of social control were not present and they also rejected them.
      Labeling theory is important in all of the cases and could be tracked in all of the Bosket men’s background. Pud was said to be the creator of the family name. James made every effort...

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