Commercialization of Organs Essay

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| Commercialization of Organ Transplants | Dr.Sadu Shetty | | Michael Painter | 2/1/2014 | | Commercialization of Organ Transplants In today’s society we experience a lot of debates on what it right and wrong, as well as what is legally right to do. Most of the time this involves politics but in the case of our human organs that is not the problem. Today there is a lot of debate on what is legally right in the process of selling human organs. Some feel that commercialization of human organs is unethical while others feel that they are doing the right thing to save lives. Coming up with a policy that is legally right for a person to sell their organs after death or choosing the right not have organs sold is a difficult process and to make both sides happy you have to go through a documented process of legal paper work to allow option for organ donor or not. There are many ethical issues with the commercialization of organ donors that bring a concern to the public not to mention that it is illegal to buy or sell organs under the National Organ Transplant Act of 1984 which bans buying and selling of human organs (Mayes). Today some people believe that the approach to commercialization of the organs is debatable and brings a strong debate to the table of argument. One idea is giving the person selling their organs financial incentives to individuals while living as a thank you to for their donation before death. Another approach is the federal government to recognize the organ donors as national heroes and pay funeral expenses as if they were war veteran. This idea has a strong debate as the 1986 Task Force for organ transplantation that organs are considered national resources and mean a special status of service (Mayes). The last approach that could be considered up for debate is that health insurance companies can be the purchaser of

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