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Commercialization of Organ Transplants Essay

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Commercialization of Organ Transplants
Strayer University

The possibility of the commercialization of organ transplants raises a lot of questions in regards to morals and ethics.   The new policy in favor of the commercialization requires us to examine the arguments both for and against the issue.   There have been arguments that allowing organs to be bought and sold is unethical, meaning that it lacks moral principles, which are defined as the principles of right and wrong that are accepted by and individual or social group. (dictionary.reference.com, 2013, n.d.).   There have also been arguments that say it is a good business ethic to proceed with the policy because it will be good for business.   We are going to examine the arguments and come up with a plan or action that hopefully benefits everyone involved.

Commercialization is applying methods of business for profit according to the dictionary, which in this case means buying and selling human organs for profit.   There are several negative arguments that have been raised.   One argument being that the wealthy would have an unfair advantage.   Another argument is that there may be persons who, for lack of a better word, become brokers and profit from finding organs to be sold.   Lastly and the argument that sticks out in most persons’ minds, is that the less fortunate would end up waiting even longer for organs that they are in dire need of because they are unable to pay.

The fear that the wealthy would have an unfair advantage is a very valid point.   Organizations looking to make substantial profits could possibly be willing to push those able to pay hefty prices for organs to the top of lists causing those in need to go without and ultimately die.   That situation would be a matter of business ethics and in my opinion goes against moral standards which take priority over other standards, including self interest. (Shaw, 2010, pg. 9)
The immoral organ broker, mentioned earlier, could very well be a...

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