Commercial Campaigns Between Jack in the Box and Carls Jr.

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All the fast food chain restaurants long have declared a war of TV advertisement for trying to win over consumers’ mind over their fast food products. McDonald is very famous for its happy-red-headed clown for its TV commercials who grabs children attention; this attention will keep an impression in children’s mind as go to McDonald means going to a wonder castle for a fun and exciting adventure. In one of Burger King’s recent TV advertisement show how a farmer makes an onion that is “extra” hot for the “extra” spicy hamburger that make someone who eat the spicy hamburger and burned his mouth; this TV commercial make consumers who like to eat spicy foods want to try Burger King’s spicy hamburger. These two kind fast food chain restaurants’ TV commercials are example of hundreds, if not thousands of chain restaurants’ TV commercials thoughout America. Yet, in hundreds or thousands of chain restaurants’ TV commercials thought out America, two chained restaurants TV commercials have stand out to been most interesting; Jack in the Box and Carl’s Jr.’s TV commercials are unique and special. Jack in the Box and Carl’s Jr. use their different advisement techniques to attract different types of people. Carl’s Jr.’s TV commercials use sexy and attractive stars and young actors to attract mostly young adults. Carl’s Jr. represents sexy and attractive stars to show that if people eat Carl’s products people could just as cool as sexy and attractive stars. In one of the Carl’s Jr.’s TV commercial, Paris Hilton was washing a car, twisting in bubbles and eating a spicy BBQ burger to show that mess up in eating a spicy-BBQ-six-dollar burger is really hot (PR Newswire 2005.) Also, Carl’s Jr.’s major targets are letting “young, hungry guys” (Stephanie Clifford 2009) to be interested at their fast food products. In one other Carl’s Jr.’s TV commercial, a young and attractive

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