Commercial Banks in Bangladesh Essay

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Step by Step Process of Letter of Credit 1. Buyer and seller agree to conduct business. The seller wants a letter of credit to guarantee payment. 2. Buyer applies to his bank for a letter of credit in favor of the seller. 3. Buyer's bank approves the credit risk of the buyer, issues and forwards the credit to its correspondent bank (advising or confirming). The correspondent bank is usually located in the same geographical location as the seller (beneficiary). 4. Advising bank will authenticate the credit and forward the original credit to the seller (beneficiary). 5. Seller (beneficiary) ships the goods, then verifies and develops the documentary requirements to support the letter of credit. Documentary requirements may vary greatly depending on the perceived risk involved in dealing with a particular company. 6.Seller presents the required documents to the advising or confirming bank to be processed for payment. 7.Advising or confirming bank examines the documents for compliance with the terms and conditions of the letter of credit. 8.If the documents are correct, the advising or confirming bank will claim the funds by: - Debiting the account of the issuing bank. - Waiting until the issuing bank remits, after receiving the documents. - Reimburse on another bank as required in the credit. 9. Advising or confirming bank will forward the documents to the issuing bank. 10. Issuing bank will examine the documents for compliance. If they are in order, the issuing bank will debit the buyer's account. 11. Issuing bank then forwards the documents to the buyer. The Letter of Credit Process Participants in LC Process * Buyer * Issuing Bank * Advising Bank * Seller (Beneficiary) 9 Steps in the Letter of Credit Process I. Buyer and seller agree to terms including means of transport, period of credit offered (if any),
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