Commercial Advertisements Essay

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Television advertisements of products that are attempting to be sold on television commercials tend to bend the truth with the advantages and disadvantages of their products. There are different types of commercials but there are similar tricks that they all include in their advertisements. The commercials that use bold lettering and bright colors are made in this way to distract the customer from reading the small print on the bottom of the screen. The script, techniques, layout, and pricing affect the way the consumer will judge the particular commercial that is played consecutively. In my opinion I do not believe that these companies should be permitted to do this. Certain companies sell their product on the television only, for advertisement purposes; they broadcast commercials that twist the appearance of the byproduct. They do this to make the product sound more appealing to the viewer or the customer. I don’t think commercials should be able to trick the customer into buying their product because it is unethical. The value of the product should be exactly what the customer is assuming. For example; the Proactive commercial shows customers speaking about how great the product results are and how much their skin improved. In reality those people are reading a script that the company paid them to say on television. This is an example of false advertisement that should not be running on their commercial. In other commercials the company may have results from their product that seems too good to be true; this is Slack 2 because the company elaborated the ability of their product. Some techniques that will be used are; actors, fake results, objects that will distract the viewer, and songs that are catchy for the reader to remember. Most commercials will have something that is untrue or twisted to attract the viewer’s attention. This causes a miscommunication

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