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When we come to TV, I suppose, no one will feel unfamiliar with it. TV is one of the most important inventions in 20th century .Just like the plastic bags the anther great invention which has both positive and passive effect on human being’s life. The writer says that a quarter of a century after the introduction of television into American society, television viewing has become an inevitable and ordinary part of daily life. So it is in china. Our families have become TV—oriented. We could get useful information, relax with TV drama and appreciate the wonderful program that contained every lines of life. Many people regarded television as a favorable, beneficial, indeed, wondrous influence upon the family. It is where the problem arose. Because of the powerful attraction of television, our family time is occupied by it. I t takes over our way of living and change our habits. Imagined this picture a family cozily sitting together before the television set, sister sits on mom’s lap, buddy perched on the arm of dad’s chair, dad with his arm around mom’s shoulder. Is it familiar to you? Don’t you think it is too quiet for our daily life? We lose the opportunity to communication. We have a long time not just talking about our real feeling that comes from our inner heart. Family as the place where a person growing, defined as harbor of our heart now has being gone far away form it primal role. Family which is the first school for a person, teaching us how to love and how to learn now has failed to fulfill its obligations. All of time that we spend together is simply watching TV. We laugh we listen that has little connection of our real life. Could we define family as a room contains soft chair and bed where we can have dinner with our relatives? Ritual is defined by sociologists as “that part of family life that the family likes about itself, is pound of, and wants
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