Commentary On Death And The Maiden By Ariel Dorfma

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Death and the Maiden The play Death and the Maiden by Ariel Dorfman has many similarities with the first movement of Franz Schubert’s quartet Death and the Maiden due the various aspects of the movement that reflect the tone of the play, the relationship between Paulina and Gerardo, as well as the theme of justice versus vengeance. The most significant aspects of the movement that can be related to the Death and the Maiden are the dynamics of the piece along with the light versus dark tone, which are in direct correspondence to the tone of the play. It also emphasizes the theme of justice versus vengeance because it stresses the reader’s constant struggle to decide whether Paulina’s actions are driven by justice or vengeance. It is significant that the first movement is written in cadence, because it essentially replicates the interactions between Paulina and Gerardo. All of the musical elements in the movement correspond to the key characters and ultimately give the ready a more fully rounded perception of their roles in the play in relation to on another as well as their role in developing the theme. The tone of the play very closely resembles the dark and ominous tone of the movement due to the continuously changing volume and intensity of the sound to emphasize Paulina and Gerardo’s unhealthy and unpredictable relationship. The light high pitched, and rather delicate violin playing relates to Gerardo’s caring and benevolent tone of voice when talking to Paulina. He soothes her with words such as “Poor little love. It must’ve got cold” and “If you knew how much I love you.” as he takes her in his arms. This signifies that Gerardo mainly takes on the role of Paulina’s caretaker and protector. However soon enough, the delicate violin is contrasted as it crescendos to a climax and is dramatized with the addition of the strong and dominant cello. This darkened

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