Commentary On 'Anthem' By Ayn Rand

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When reading the first sentence of the book “Anthem” by Ayn Rand I had to stop and re-read it almost five times. By “we” what did she mean I thought? It took a minute for me to realize “we” was really “I”. This book made one individual seem as though it were a whole society, everyone involved in the story was taught to think as a whole and were taught to believe what they were told by the higher scholars. How could people stand to not be able to pick their own name and not think their own thoughts and want to make their own decisions? Where was their individualism? These reasons below are how I think the society accepted the ways of there world and how they didn’t burst with their own personalities. The first reason I think they accepted it was the reason that when they were young they were taught of what would happen if you thought the unthinkable thoughts or what would happen if you said the unspeakable things, basically threatened. Towards the end of the book Equality spoke of a story where someone’s tongue was cut out and they were burned at the stake. I think everyone in Equality’s society was so terrified of that happening to them that they just took the job they were…show more content…
Generation from generation everyone lived the same way and lived each day the same and that was all anyone was used to seeing or was all that they had ever heard of. I think Equality’s society did not know or think to think of any different way of living because that was all they had seen to live by from the time they were born until the day they died. They were told of the times before them, they were told of the times before everything burned but along with that they were also told that it was a horrible place to live, which in all reality to me they lived in the true
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