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My speech is about the gender stereotype and degradation of women in America. I began by critically analysing my style model which was the famous Barack Obama Victory Speech. I particularly thought a few parts of Obama’s speech could be adapted and added into my speech. I blended a popular part ‘for all the red states and the blue states, most of all for the United states of America’ from my style model into my own speech which made my speech effective. I constantly used pre-modifiers to add to the effectiveness of the text. My lexical choices were chosen according to whichever one fit best to the content. For example, to express my emotion in the fourth paragraph I added ‘exhausted of people’ rather than simply using ‘tired’ as exhausted is more complex and effective. The semantic field of equality which was consistent throughout the speech helped me to structure the context around the field of equality. I used statistical facts, dates, and well-known names to make my speech believable. The use of possessive pronouns helped me to make my speech more direct. I used ‘we’ the most, as I found it essential to refrain from using ‘you’ so that I would not come across as harsh. By using ‘we’ it meant that whatever blame I placed, I didn’t only place it on the audience, I placed it on myself to, which in turn made my speech more relatable. The element of religion that I added in the end was taken from my style model. My style model ends with a religious note which in a sense adds to empathy resulting in a larger impact. Anaphora, is one of the linguistical features which helped me get my message across clear-cut. The anaphora of ‘forty-years’ makes the audience get their cogs working as it helps to make the audience actually think about what I am saying. I took advantage of indirect repetition by playing with words. Every paragraph has one aim, to change
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