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Cornerstone – ‘‘What Is Knowledge?’’ 8/01/2014 CHRONICLES OF A DEATH FORETOLD By the time I turned the last page of this book, Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel García Márquez, I was indelibly (delible specifically means “can be erased”, as far as I understand, when used metaphorically, it means unforgettable, not striking. Say I was absolutely convinced, or simply, I was certain) convinced that it is Angel Vicario who ought to be held responsible for the murder of Santiago Nasar. ‘‘Responsibility’’ defined, in reference to the tragic storyline pursued in the aim of unveiling the mystery of a death foretold within this novel, (I still don’t really understand this “in reference…” – I hope it’s because I’ve not read the book and your tutor gets it) is being accountable for someone with regards to how ONE’s (In this case it should be “their actions”, but I think what you actually mean is “with regards to how one’s own actions affect another?) actions affect another.(A side point, because I’m sure you know what you’re talking about, but if you mean what I think you mean, the book defines “responsibility” as being accountable for the indirect outcomes of your actions? That the reaction of others to my actions is my responsibility? If this is what you mean, it has to be clearer, because this is your entire argument right here in this sentence) Therefore, I feel strongly compelled to hold Angela Vicario responsible for the cold murder and subsequent premature death of Santiago Nasar. My conclusion is drawn from a thorough analysis of Angela Vicaro’s behavior in response to the desperately appalling circumstances in which she found herself. Her instinctive response was to protect herself or to “free herself from martyrdom,’’ by putting a name to the face that spat of her family honor (pg.28). To set the stage, the plot of this chronicle is given bearing (looking

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