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Victorious Kidss Educare | IB Economics – Internal Assessment Front Cover | NAME | Yashodhan Raskar | CANDIDATE NUMBER | | TEACHER | Shilpa Paliwal | SOURCE OF THE ARTICLE | The Jakarta Post | TITLE OF THE ARTICLE | Hotels to raise F&B price after LPG price hike | DATE OF ARTICLE | 4 January, 2014 | DATE WRITTEN | 6 January, 2014 | WORD COUNT (650-750 WORDS) | 720 | COMMENTARY NUMBER | 01 | AREA OF THE SYLLABUS YOUR COMMENTARY RELATES TO (TICK THE ONE WHICH IS MOST RELAVENT) | * Section 1: Introduction to Economics * Section 2: Microeconomics * Section 3: Macroeconomics * Section 4: International Economics * Section 5: Development Economics | Checklist for Completing Work: | | Work is in the right order | | The source of article is unique for your portfolio | | Diagrams are included | | It is within the word count | | This work was produced individually and any information from other sources is referenced properly. | The IB Economics guidelines dictate the following: ‘Candidates must not repeatedly draft and redraft their commentaries. The second draft handed to the teacher must be the final one’. Hotels to raise F&B price after LPG price hike The price hike of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) of 12 kilogram capacity has forced the Association of Indonesian Hotels and Restaurants (PHRI) Yogyakarta chapter to increase food and beverage prices at hotels across the province. “We plan to increase food and beverage prices between 10 and 20 percent following the LPG price hike,” said Deddy Pranowo, the secretary of the PHRI Yogyakarta chapter. “We’re also considering making some adjustments in certain areas. We’re trying to set a reasonable price increase [for food and beverages] so it won’t burden consumers,” he

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