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Commentary The type of creative writing chosen was a travel writing piece. Travel writing is an article which uses descriptive and imaginative language, and also contains a lot of detail in order to create a vivid picture for the reader. For most travel writing articles, the writer is trying to inspire, persuade and entice their target audience to go to the place that they are writing about. They can also be written to provide advice for the reader who may want to visit the destination. Travel writing articles can be found in papers, magazines, books and on websites and there are also travel journals, which can be found online in the form of blogs and they capture the traveller’s experiences, usually written whilst on their journey. Travel writing articles can have any type of audience depending on; what the article is about, how it is written and who it is specifically aimed at, for example, a holiday resort article may just be aimed at families with young children whereas others may just be aimed at 18 years plus. The target audience of my travel writing piece was children, teens and families and the purpose was to encourage them to visit the place I was writing about. I would expect to find my travel writing piece in a child’s or teen’s magazine as the overall appearance of it, with the several bright and colourful images makes it more instantly appealing to a younger generation. The first two sections of the travel writing piece aimed to capture the attention of children and teens with the title being ‘Cake Town – A Scrumptious and Unique Experience’ and subheadings such as, ‘Let your Imagination Run Wild’ and ‘Smell… See… Hear… Touch… Taste…’ These phrases were purposely used to engage the reader straight away and build excitement to make them read on. The second two sections were aimed more towards the parents with informative language such as

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