Comment on Why Innovation Is Critical to Success. Essay

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“Survival of the fittest” has been the nature’s principle from the beginning. In the mad rush to stay ahead in the competition with thousands of our counterparts, innovation is the only thing which can help us to stand out of the rest and give us that extra advantage which can boost our chances of survival. Innovation means doing something in a different and a better way i.e to provide solutions which are more creative than others. In today’s world its just not enough to be good or even better than somebody. We have to consistently think of the times to come and how to be ahead in future. For example today a company A might be doing something very good and be the leader in the market today but if it doesn’t invest enough in research and think about future, then tomorrow even though it might be doing its job very well and better than what it was doing earlier, still it might be totally thrown out of the market just because some other company B has brought in a highly innovative solution. The constant urge to innovate has only empowered human beings to stay ahead of the rest of species. Innovation promotes new ideas and ‘out of the box’ thinking which can help any organization to cut its costs, produce high quality products, capture the market share and realize higher profits. Apple Inc is one of the biggest example of a company having an appetite to innovate

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