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Commencement Speech – Revised Steve Jobs At Stanford University in 2005, Steve Jobs delivered a commencement speech. In that speech he included three stories of his life. Listening to the speech, it was interesting to note how his words resonated with today’s generation. Jobs’ first story focuses on the different aspects of his life to fruition; the second story focuses on the relationship between love and loss; the third story focuses on the definitive aspects of life and death. Overall, his message for the graduates at Stanford was one for them to always want to learn, and to always want to take chances because life, in general, is too short. First, Jobs spoke about how different aspects of his life came to together to form his legacy. He stated how all different aspects in one’s life cannot be connected by looking forward, but only looking backwards, because no one can know what the future may bring. For example, Jobs said, “So you have to trust that the dots in your life will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something- your gut, destiny, life, karma whatever.” Trusting his instincts, according to Jobs, never let him down. Congruently, I realize that I have a hard time believing in myself or understanding the importance of my everyday activities, including and English Composition 107 class. However, Jobs has inspired me to appreciate my place in life now because, ultimately, if I allow myself to trust my instincts regarding the choices I am making now, all the connection in my life will eventually lead me to the success I am seeking in life. Next, Jobs spoke about the relationship between love and loss and how lucky he was to find out early what he loved to do in life. Although Jobs loved working for the apple for the apple company, a company that he started in his parent’s garage, he was fired. He was devastated that the entire

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