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I spent hours upon hours, clicking, scrolling, clicking, and scrolling. Searching the internet on whom to write this speech about. I searched for someone inspirational, someone I knew about, someone I looked up to and admired as a role model. The first names that came to mind were Taylor Swift and Jesus Christ, but Taylor Swift might have been a little immature and no speech that I could ever write about Jesus could ever do Him justice, so I kept thinking. As I continued my search online, my cell phone rang, as I looked at the display it read “Mum”. Right then I knew my search was over, I had found the perfect person to speak about, my mom. Yes I did just say mum as in m.u.m as I was growing up a TV show that I can remember watching with my mother was Oprah. Well that and Young and the Restless but I hated that show so we’ll pretend like I don’t remember that show so much. We always wanted to get on the Oprah show, soon enough the show was over and we never got on it. But one show in particular I remember was about Australia. Oprah said that it was a whole other world over there. That people live to work here and work to live here. That really stuck with us and one of the things we always say is that motto. To work to live like the Australians that’s why I call her mum.…show more content…
She’s no saint though, she can also be demanding, moody, and stubborn. We can argue about something of little importance and if she’s wrong there’s no way of getting her to admit it. She can get on my nerves more than anyone in the world and she knows just which buttons to push. Despite our arguments, I still love her. Not only is she my mother she is my best friend. Of course that sounds cliché because who hasn’t heard someone say that about their mother? But in reality she is the person I want to talk to when something has went wrong whether it’s something tiny to something big she is always there to

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