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What Kind of Media User am I? When thinking about “What kind of media user am I?” It gets me thinking of: What do I waste the most time on?, How do I consume my time and energy through media?, Am I getting anything educational out of media?, Or Am I just like everyone else who simply follows with society and how they use media? The media user I am, has a range of educational, insightful news and facts to Facebook 'stalking' fellow students at Carleton University. For instance, on Facebook I tend to view the shared articles and posts such as, news going on in Ottawa or around the world. Facebook for me is a great resource to see who is viewing what and the current conversations that are going on in my network of friends. Yet, I can find myself lost on Facebook watching Vines, funny videos, Facebook stalking friends of friends, and scrolling through peoples conversation and public fights. Facebook for me can have a great educational outcome or a complete entertainment waste of time. This tends to happen a lot for me in media sites. Such as, Twitter and YouTube. I watch and read the news, argumentative, and interesting topics. On YouTube for example, I view TED Talks and can spend hours watching interesting concepts and ideas that these people formulate which opens up my eyes to the issues that are going on in the world. At the same time I will watch “Night Routine FAIL How Girls Get Ready For Bed At Night” [1]which is another way I am easily entertained and lose unbelievable amounts of time. Other media sources I use which I like spending my time on are Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram. This kind of media is viewing photos either controversial, sexual, inspirational, funny, etc. You can interact with others to show that you are intrigue by the post or just plainly enjoy it by 'liking', 're-blogging' or 'pin it'. By this form of media, I am the user who can

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