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Comm 304 Professor Fong Mon, wed, fri My concept is: Ethnocentrism a) From book chapter 4 b) The date I’m presenting is April 28, 2013 a) Ethnocentrism has a lot of negative consequences in communicating and is therefore a big barrier in intercultural communication. Ethnocentrism causes that people base their social interaction on their own cultural norms, which can lead to misunderstandings and eventually to severe miscommunication. Another consequence is that because something is different, the other culture is perceived as wrong and improper and that this becomes a stereotype for everyone from this culture. b) Verbal: verbal behaviors demonstrate this concept in interaction by different cultures having their own ways of living or speaking. In American culture sometimes people will say “shut up” when they are having a conversation and are surprised. The person speaking will usually know that they don’t literally mean to shut up but that they are just saying it as a way to express disbelief, while in other cultures the phrase “shut up” is probably never used. Nonverbal: in American culture it is seen normal that people get tattoos of phrases or pictures simply because they like the look of it or because or most likely it has a sentimental meaning behind the tattoo. These tattoos are sending a nonverbal message to everyone about the things certain people like and enjoy based only on the tattoos they have. Also body piercings can be seen as normal in the American culture. However in other cultures, such as African culture tattoos and body piercings are only used for spiritual and religious purposes only. C) - In American culture is someone gives you a gift you say thank you and accept the gift, however I was watching a show that explained that in Turkey, people must deny the gift twice before

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