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Table of contents Introduction 1.1 Communication integration processes 1.2 Uniformity, endorsement and variety models 1.3 Management of communication integration 1 1-3 3-4 4-5 2.1 The integrated marketing audit (IM) and the stakeholder relationship audit. 5-6 2.2 Traditional and online research methods 6-7 2.3 Ehlers model for structuring communication integration 7 Conclusion Sources Consulted 7 8 Declaration 9 Kirsty Pigden 7 Strydom Road, Ashley Pinetown, 3610 45808058 840714 Assignment 02 Introduction Integrated communication is essential in order for organisations to display themselves as a coherent whole. Stakeholders whether being internal or external all essentially decide the fate of whether an organisation and its brand will succeed. The customer- organisation relationship is one of the core values of and organisation due to the increasing competency of other brands. Organisations continually strive to create holistic image and synergy throughout resulting in capsulising one BIG picture 1. COMMUNICATION INTERGRATION PROCESSES 1.1 As stated in Barker and Angelopulo (48-49), Duncan and Moriarty (1997) suggest 10 specific strategies or drivers that can be used to improve communication integration with in companies. These strategic steps help companies gain on delivering products, services and ideas that appeal to customer needs. Corporate focus strategies: Create and nourish relationships rather than just make transactions: Acquiring new customers can be 7-10 times more expensive than maintaining relationships with existing customers due to marketing costs. By sending out customers surveys to existing loyal customers who have accounts with in our retail company, it becomes possible to learn who and what type of person our customer is. In turn the way in which we communicate with the company’s existing customers improve.

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