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To, All the employees DP Pharmaceuticals. Subject: How to construct an ideal Oral presentation and upload in the main portal. Everyone, Making a good oral presentation is an art that involves attention to the needs of your audience, careful planning, and attention to delivery. As a general rule, expect to cover much less content than you would in a written report. Make difficult points easier to understand by preparing the listener for them, using plenty of examples and going back over them later. Leave time for questions within the presentation. To upload the presentation, Please follow the instructions attached with the email. Thanks, Lisa Ray Head of Department, Research Team Attachment: Introduction: can include things such as background information, the reasons for doing the experiment, and your hypothesis. Methods and Materials: To know the audience and create a good structure that anyone in the audience can understand. Understand your purpose. This way you can get the point of your talk across appropriately and affectively by catering to your specific audience. Organization: To be concise and use space check grammar and the spelling. Presentation: One should practice enough so that you have flow. Be Professional: Know what you are presenting and be ready to answer question during and after the presentation. Results: Use graphs/charts/table, Provide an extra slide/transparency with a summary of the results, Explain the results Conclusions/Discussion: Clear explanation of the results, Clinical implications or any other details related to the subject. Citations: Where the information was gathered. Access to and click portal. Enter your username and Password. Click on drop box and attach the presentation. Preview the file, edit if any changes are required and then

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