Comm/215: Case Study Of Abc's New Employees

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Case Study Christian Fost Comm/215 Mark Polanzak September 29, 2012 Introduction Carl Robins took on too much too soon when he hired 15 new recruits, when he himself had only been on the job for six months. After reading the situation at hand I have found there to be many issues with the way Abc’s new campus recruiter Carl handled the orientation he planned. Background Carl Robins hired fifteen new recruits in April, he scheduled their orientation for June 15th . On May 15th, Carl was contacted by operations supervisor, Monica Carrolls, to insure that all was in order for orientation day. Mr. Robins assured Monica that all was in order. After Memorial Day Carl became shocked when realizing that everything he…show more content…
Someone with more experience should have been with Mr. Robins through all portions of this recruitment. Second Carl should have checked the training manuals before he did anything else. He needed to have one full copy and from there he could have made full, complete manuals for all new hires. Another thing Mr. Robins should have done was the drug screening. After completion of application the mandatory drug screening should be completed. As for the training room being booked, Carl should have been on top of the room situation in April when everything began. Reserving that room ahead of time would have insured that Mr. Robins had the room. Carl Robins needed a checklist and should have given himself dates for each needed item to be sure everything was in order. Recommendations The solutions mentioned above would insure that recruitment operations run smoother in the future. Communication is key to successfully recruiting. Manuals will need to be reviewed regularly, and updated as well. Carl will need to create a checklist for future operations and keep the file saved so it may be printed when needed. ABC should require an experienced employee to assist all new employees on first time

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