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Case Study Analysis Rouven Scheurer COMM/215 August 20, 2012 Renee R. Gravatt Case Study Analysis INTRODUCTION In this case study about Carl Robins, a number of problems occurred. I found issues in the recruiting process, as a result of lack of training that Carl Robins did not receive from starting his new recruitment job in which he was hired six months ago. With that being said, ABC Inc. made the wrong decision by assigning Carl Robins to the job of recruiting new hires. The company should have a better interviewing process to begin with. Carl Robins should have known that he needed to put a lot more preparation into this job instead of waiting until the last minute. With only a short time to prepare for the orientation by July, he needs to complete a case study analysis. BACKGROUND ABC Inc. hired Carl Robins and was assigned the job of recruiting the new recruits for Monica Carrols, the operations supervisor. He completed a part of his task by hiring 15 new trainees. The second step he had to do was to train them. He scheduled an orientation to take place on June 15th. His goal was to have them trained by the beginning of July. On May 15th, Monica contacted Carl Robins about the training schedule, orientation, manuals, policy booklets, physical, drug tests, and a host of other issues. Carl Robins told her that he has everything under control and not to worry. After Memorial Day, Carl Robins checked on the paperwork that he requested his trainees to fill out. Come to find out, his trainees had not completed the applications, their transcripts on file, or the mandatory drug screen. He looked through the orientation manuals and found that some of the copies have several pages missing. He decided to check into the training room to see if everything was good to go for the orientation. He soon found out the room was not available because Joe, from

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