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One Day I Could Never Forget Christina Behm COMM/215 One Day I Could Never Forget Talking about the healthcare brings me back to the day I started as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). There I was sitting in my car, rewinding the day in my head like a video on slow rewind. Today was my first day as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), and I bolted through the doors excited about my new job, only to have been met in the face with a stench that you could not deny that was of urine and feces. My first reaction was to throw up, I thought how can these people breathe in here? Do they change these people? Give them showers? Surely something had to be done about the smell. When I asked, I was told I would get used to it. To me, I didn’t understand why or how we could let our elders smell like that. If they refused a shower, then to me we should be giving them a bed bath. The patients needed some form of cleaning daily. I had 13 patients on my list to get up for breakfast and shower or bed bath before breakfast. I started on my list, only to find that if I wanted things done right then it takes a lot longer than the allotted time. So that means that some of the 13 patients that I am responsible for, in the morning, more than half of them do not receive proper care. You are rushed from the minute you clock in until you clock out. You are given one hour to get everyone up on your list and to do your assigned showers, which is not enough time to spend on 13 people. Still not finishing everything that needed to be done. After we had finished with breakfast, one of my ladies didn’t get up for breakfast, so without hesitation I went to check on her. Yes, I will never forget walking into her room, after breakfast I went in to check on her, and I couldn’t get any response from her. I flagged down the DON (Director of Nursing) and asked her for her assistance, and when she

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